Professional Service

We ensure that all safaris and their operations are run to the highest quality and service. We have extensive knowledge of East and Southern Africa and we make it our responsibility to visit all the places we recommend in our itineraries.

We begin with asking as many questions as possible to get a better idea of how you work and what your expectations are for a safari. We will give you an array of accommodation and destination choices, suggestions and alternative itinerary options in different price ranges. We like to work within your budget, therefore, we give you the best safari options for the best price. 


We believe that efficient service, high quality and transparency are the most important aspect of our business. We guide you through all the options for a safari. We offer you genuine opinions based on first hand experiences of places. We give you a transparent breakdown of all cost in all our itineraries.

JorAfrica was born out of our desire to share our experiences and passion for Africa with our clients. We will guide you on many journeys through the diverse and fabulous continents of Africa.

Luxury Safaris

We will guide you from the initial itineraries to the final one in stages. We ensure that we tailor make a safari that fits all your dreams; a safari you have created with our help.

We recommend places that are intimate, secluded and personal. We offer luxury accommodation with personality and always swing towards the more secluded and off the beaten track places. Intimate luxury tented camps are our choice of accommodation. We like to match your accommodation to your budget to ensure you get the best quality for the best price. 

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