Guest Feedback and Client Photo's

Peter de Jong and family, the Netherlands

Hi Joris,

My apologies for my late answer. We are indeed back home. We really enjoyed our amazing safari en a couple of lovely days in Zanzibar. I want to compliment you for how you organized everything. From A to Z everything was great. For us the tented camps where the best although our girls had to get used to it in the beginning.

We loved our converstions around the campfire with mostly Americans and Canadians. The night at Plantation Lodge was great, but we longed for the tented camps J The only thing that went wrong was the flood at Olakira, but you of course don't have any influence on the weather J Luckily the staff was very helpful. At all airports there was someone waiting for us with a sign with our names and at Slipway at the end was a welcome break. All in all you perfectly advised us. We have also seen a lot of animals. From lots of elephants to 6 Leopard and lots of Cheetah and Lions.The only thing we did not see was the African Wild dog. All lodges and camps were great and we could recommend them to anyone. We were slightly surrised about the way to Matemwe, but I guess it's the only way to get there.

And then Vincent! What an amazing guide. What a star. He gave us a great feeling from the start and he made the safari as it was. We got on very well from the beginning. He told and showed us a lot and he was always busy making us happy.

In short, we will definitely recommend you to everyone who wants to travel to Africa.

Joris, thank you for all you good care and please say hi to Vincent.



Peter and the family stayed at:

  • Arusha Coffee Lodge
  • Olivers, Ubuntu and Olakira tented camp
  • Plantation Lodge
  • Matemwe Bungalows

Laurie Ames and family, the Netherlands

Hi Joris,

Wanted to send you a HUGE Thank you!  We had an amazing time in Africa.  Really truly so great!  Thank you for organizing!  We are already talking about going back to Zanzibar!

Happy New Year!

Laurie Lesnard.

Laurie and her family stayed at:

  • Mwagusi tented camp
  • Upendo in Zanzibar

Katrien Bouwman and family, France

Hi Joris,

We are back home safe and sound after a lovely two weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar.

We had a fantastic time and everything was great. De safari and all transfers were organized perfectly. All locations were perfect and the food, service and accommodation was exactly as we wanted. And the guys could kite surf every day in Zanzibar!!. Nothing to improve we would say :-)

We will definitely think of you and JorAfrica for any next trip to Africa and we will pass on your name to everyone who will ask who helped us with our holiday and that wants to travel to Africa.

Thanks for the amazing planning and organization and who knows we meet again.



Katrien and her family stayed at:

  • Mwagusi tented camp
  • Upendo in Zanzibar

Family van der Ster, the Netherlands

'Dear sweet Joris,

It will take a whike before we fully comprehend what we seen and done the last twee weeks in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip for us. Everything ran very smoothly, except the pick up in Zanzibar. We really enjoyed our guide sudi, he was very kind and knowledgeable. Thanks to him we were front row where the action was…Joris, on behalf of all of us, again thank you so much for al the hard work. We will be delighted to pass on your name to other people that want to travel to Tanzania. All the best for you, Rachel and your son Julius for 2014.

All the best and warm regards

Ilmy van der Ster' 

Family van der Ster stayed at:

  • Rivertrees
  • Maramboi tented camp
  • Plantation Lodge
  • Kirurumu tented camp Ndutu
  • Kandili Private villa Zanzibar

David and Wendy Ward and kids, USA


Thank you so much for putting together an amazing trip.  We are home and steadily back to our lives.  It is hard to even comprehend what we just did! 

A few quick notes before my brain completely forgets.  Your notes about Tanzania were extremely helpful.  In them, I would add that US money older than 2000 (or even 2006) is essentially useless.  No one would take it.  We were resourceful and worked it out but they exchange rate for anything older was not something that people would accept.  Also laundry was about $1-$4 per piece everywhere but Sayari most importantly for cultural reasons no place would wash underwear.  You may also want to add on the flights portion that local flight times vary a decent amount and that you may have two or even three stops additional. 

On a personal note if anyone is traveling with kids or just women- I brought both dry and wet toilet paper options with an empty ziplock just in case and I am SO glad I had that. 

Again, WHAT a trip!  Thank you. 


David and Wendy and the family stayed at:

  • Ndarakwai Ranch West Kili
  • Moivaro Lodge
  • Rhotia Valley
  • Sayari tented camp
  • Echo Beach Lodge Zanzibar

Mara Shore and family, USA

'Hi Joris,

We are missing Tanzania!  We had a wonderful time, and your excellent help and can-do attitude made all the difference for us.  I will certainly recommend you and use you again in the future..'

Lindsay Campbell and friend, Zambia and South Africa

'Hi Joris,

How are you doing? just feedback on our trip – we had an absolutely fantastic time and thank you for your organization, it all worked out perfectly.

We all loved the tented camp at Serengeti, it was stunning and the staff and the food were excellent - the camp at Ngorongoro was also very good, the food is very good – they do need to sort out the plumbing/shower factilities though, they don’t work very well. Your guides and vehicles were absolutely excellent, really good guys and they know their stuff, they both have a nice sense of humour also.

The Manta Resort was the next favourite, the food is really quite good and the hotel is very reasonably priced for what you get – the staff etc are good. After that came Swahili house - we all really liked it there although the food is not very good – the hotel is lovely and unusual, and the staff friendly and pleasant and know their jobs. Kiriurumu Lake Manyara is very pleasant, beautiful environment and perfect for a jumping off point for the rest of the area although I think if you spend too many days there it would be a bit limited.well staffed.

The flight over lake Natron and around Oldonyo Lengayi was probably the most impressive flight of them all, its quite remarkable country, like nothing I have ever seen. Tanzania is hard to beat in temrs of tourism. Only one negative  – although the airports are excellent, they are VERY expensive for general aviation compared to Namibia, SA, Mocambqiue, Zambia, Zim Malawi or Botswana. I have not flown anywhere else but this was the tops in terms of paperwork and fees.

This is the overall impression from our group – there were 8 of us so not everyone felt the same about it but it’s the general  opinion among us all. I hope that is of use to you, and thanks so much for doing all of this for us and for getting our clearances for Seronera sorted out, it was a big help.

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know – thanks and cheers Lindsay"

Lindsay Campbell and friends stayed at:

  • Kirurumu Manyara
  • Ratpanat at the Crater Rim
  • Kirurumu Serengeti
  • Manta Resort
  • Swahili House
  • Mafia Island Lodge

Sietse Zoodsma and family, The Netherlands

'Dear Joris, we got back yesterday from our holiday and I must say we had an excellend holiday. Our last week was great and we had a great time at Fundu Lagoon. Our children even got their PADI (open water scuba diving course red.) All places you send us were really divers and beautiful. Thank you Joris for the great service. We are really happy and we had an unforgettable holiday. Thanks for taking care of us in such a great way. Our compliments..'

Sietse Zoodsma and family stayed at:

  • Onsea House
  • Swala Camp
  • Serian tented Camp
  • Legendary Coffee Lodge
  • GreyStoke Mahala
  • Fundu Lagoon Pemba Island

Lori Kelly, USA

'Thank you so much Joris for all you did for us, we loved our trip to Tanzania. We keep in touch and I will recommend you to everyone'

Rick Langezaal, The Netherlands

'We had such a fantastic time. Thank you for your fantastic service and putting together this trip of a lifetime..'

Moira, The United States of America

'Hi Joris! We had the most incredible time in Tanzania!! The people, the places, the whole experience was unbelievable. Elias (the guide) was so amazing to us, and made us feel co comfortable. We had an amazing time. Thanks for everything!!'

Meinte and Aline, The Netherlands

'Hi Joris, we've just returned from paradise! Our ask was simple: to relax one week on Africa's East coast. Your suggestion to opt for Pole Pole resort on Mafia island was spot on. This place exceeded our expectations, was set in a beautiful location very laidback and the food was delicious. More important our trip to mafia was well-organised and went smooth enabling us to recharge our batteries from the moment we arrived. It was amazing how you took care of everything from booking domestic flights to organising private transport in Dar and always available to answer any questions. We will recommend you to anyone interested in travelling to this region.'

Looking forward to our next trip.

Meinte and Aline stayed at:

Sandy and Rene Reijnhart, The Netherlands

"This was a trip we had been thinking about for years but even we could not have imagined what an impact it would have on us. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. Among the many amazing things we saw were two wildebeest giving birth and three cheetah kills; even our guide (who had been doing this for 19 years) said that it was a spectacular week. Many thanks to Joris for his meticulous planning and open lines of communication. Every question was answered immediately and every little detail perfectly planned and executed. Most especially, thanks to our wonderful guide, Msangi, who has eyes and ears everywhere and the most incredible driving skills. I’m sure that he was, to a great extent, responsible for the wonderful things we saw.  A special mention must be made of Rhotia Valley Tented Camp and Children’s Home which is such an impressive venture, as well as Kirurumu tented camp in the Serengeti. This was a trip we will never forget!"

Sandy and Rene stayed at:

Patricia de Vries and Bas Prohn, The Netherlands

"Serengeti is the nicest place I've ever been! We saw incredible lions with cubs (up to 6 months old), cheetahs, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hyenas, amazing raptors and of course millions of wildebeest. We enjoyed the great variety of landscapes, plains and sunrises. The camp was also incredible. What beautiful staff and delicious food! Dotto, our guide, was a really nice man with clear knowledge and experience. We felt really safe with him and had a great time with him! We would like to thank you for this beautiful journey and how you oraginsed everything! It was truly unforgettable! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who is planning to go to Tanzania!"

Patricia and Bas stayed at:

Lorien Miller, USA

“We had an amazing time and truly have you to thank for it. Your never ending patience while we made decisions and asked many questions, the different options you researched and proposed, your wealth of knowledge that you shared with us."

Lorien and her friends visited:

  • Lake Manyara National Park
  • Ngorongoro National Park
  • Serengeti National Park
  • Zanzibar

Isabelle and Claude, Luxembourg

"It’s the best trip we have ever had. The camp was perfect, nice tents, great food and perfect service. Thanks again for your perfect organization”

The camps and lodges Isabelle and Claude visited were:

Tracy and Andy, USA

“Joris, we are so appreciative of your astute planning. We all had a terrific time, so different than anything we've ever experienced.  We loved gibbs and serian the best, and would highly recommend them. We felt fortunate to have worked with you......THANK YOU!”

The camps Tracy and Andy visited were:

Alex and Heidi, UK

"We are still elated after our trip. We had great animal experiences in both Uganda and Kenya. Thank you for organizing the bottle of champagne and card, our anniversary was perfect."

Alex and Heidi Visited:

Marco and Stacy, USA

"We had the most extraordinary time!! The lodges were all run and employed by very special people who we will always remember. The food was surprisingly good everywhere and the people were as beautiful and warm and lively as I envisioned. We already miss your country. You organized a PERFECT trip for us”.  

The camps Marco and Stacy visited were:

Christian Cravo, Brasil

"I would like to thank JorAfrica for its very high standards of professionalism and insight. My trips wouldn't have turned out so well if it wasn't for Joris connections, whether it's in Namibia, Kenya or the most remote parts of Tanzania. I'm looking forward to our next trip! Thanks mate!"  

Chritian came on safari with us twice last year he visited:

Danielle Kingdon, UK

“The trip was brilliant, a real "trip of a lifetime". We enjoyed every aspect of it. You even managed to arrange perfect weather conditions for us at the summit. Thank you so much, from all of us, for all the kind work you put into making this such a memorable trip for us all.”

James Varden, UK

"We had an excellent trip. It was well organized and efficient. Rongai route is definitely a winner as there was no one else on the trail. We had stunning views over mawenzi and chulu hills. The guides were great....we had a 100% summit rate in our group." 

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