Diving and Snorkeling

We love the beach, the ocean and all of the amazing and beautiful mammals and fish that live in the ocean. We are very keen scuba divers and love snorkeling. What is more beautiful than to combine your safari with some days diving at one of the most amazing dive sites in Africa. We have been diving of the coast of Kenya, Tanzania, Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar and all the way down to Mozambique and South Africa and we have been very lucky with all the amzing things we have encountered in the deep blue ocean. We would love to share these amazing places with you. 

Contact us for some extraordinary diving! 

Our favourites

  • Snorkeling with whalesharks and Manta rays at Mafia Island
  • Diving with Manta rays at Tofo beach, Mozambique 
  • Shark diving of the coast of Durban and Cape Point, South Africa


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