Joris and Rachel met 12 years ago at an art exhibition in Arusha. Inspired by his first encounters and experiences on Safari Joris boldly offered to show Rachel a lion one day. He discovered later that Rachel had grown up in East Africa and had spent much of her childhood in a tent surrounded by lions. 

Since, they have dreamed together and travelled together, photographing and gaining knowledge and expertise in Africa. 

JorAfrica is a beautiful company with an extraordinary story run by extraordinary travel specialists. Their passion for Africa's incredible continents and her astounding wildlife is delivered in the highest level of personal service.

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In August 2007 Joris had the opportunity to head the sales team of a safari company in Arusha. He left Amsterdam with two suitcases and a KLM ticket to Arusha, Tanzania. He traded the suited life of law and headhunting for a small office in a white shipping container. He went from wearing designer suits and sneakers to t-shirts, shorts and "Bata" flipflops.

One of his many dreams had come true as he breathed in the smell of Africa and relished the freedom of infinite space. Little did he know that this would be a journey of many dreams.

After more than 12 years of working in the travel industry he is still very passionate about safaris in Africa and he loves sharing his personal experiences with people. His advice is always based on first hand knowledge and his recomendations are aimed towards providing you with the best safari possible within your budget.

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Rachel was born in Zambia and grew up between Kenya and Tanzania. She has a wealth of innate safari experience. Her speciality is luxury travel to rare and untamed places in East Africa. Luxury intimate tented camps, in her eyes, provide the best safari experience.

"There is nothing that beats lying in your tent at night listening to the roar of lions in the distance. It makes you feel alive!"

Her love for nature and Africa's spectacular wildlife gave her an eye for photography. Rachel is now fully commited to her career as a professional photographer and filmmaker and no longer involved with JorAfrica. Visit to see more of her work.


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