No 7: Ibo Island in Mozambique

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Ibo Island, in Mozambique, is by far one of the most fascinating and rich cultural experiences you will have in Southern Africa. The Portuguese colonized Ibo Island in 1502.  It was previously an Arabic trading port and more recently forms part of an idyllic archipelago of islands famously known as the Quirimba’s.  Remote, unspoiled and oozing with history, Ibo is an intriguing mix of majestic colonial architecture, dating back to 1500, crumbling ruins,  cultural fusions and picturesque beaches.

Ibo Island lodge will take you on a journey into the colorful past of Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, Indian and Chinese explorers. The lodge has been restored to its former colonial glory. Activities, offered from the lodge, include spectacular snorkeling, diving and dhow safaris around the surrounding Islands. Cultural and historical tours through around Ibo will give you a chance to discover the unique beauty of Quirimba Island life.  This is a remote island utopia embracing a fusion of cultures, tribal customs, religious beliefs and history. This is definitely the place where cultures and religions fuse. Where they are remodeled and remade to create a cultural identity entirely unique to Ibo.

The lodge prides itself “on offering a unique, authentic and luxury Mozambique” holiday. The magnificent mansions, over 100 yeas old, overlook lush bougainvillea gardens and the turquoise vista of the Indian Ocean.  The Bella Vista rooftop restaurant faces west to salute the sun as its dips beneath the ocean at sunset. You will be able to enjoy Ibo’s signatory Mojito from the rooftop deck whilst you watch sky turn orange in the spray of sunset colors and ocean bliss.

No 8: Combing Luxury Exclusivity With Ancient Culture: Matemwe Retreat in Zanzibar.

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Zanzibar with its fabulous beaches, turquoise waters and Arabic antiquity is by far one of the best places to visit if you are looking to combine culture and beach. Matemwe Retreat, located in the north – east, is a luxury sanctuary and the perfect escape for visitors looking for exclusive villas in Zanzibar.

Matemwe Retreat, four self – contained private villas, is a delicious fusion of east and west. The villas embody the ancient Arabic antiquity of Zanzibar. Once you set foot in your villa your every need will be met. The 24 hour butler service, plunge pool, elegant roof terrace, pampering massages, fresh cocktails and mouth watering seafood menu, make leaving the retreat incredibly difficult.

This is definitely advisable as Matemwe has much more to offer than one originally perceives. The small fishing village sustains itself daily from the catche of the day. Take a stroll down the long white beach at midday and watch the Dhows sail to shore with a fascinating array of seafood. Dhow snorkeling trips to the sand islands  off Matemwe’s shore can be arrange from the retreat.  Have a picnic lunch on your own island for the day and snorkel in the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Return to your retreat haven and enjoy a smooth Martini as you watch the waves lap against your private beach.  If you are an early riser you can watch the Dhows sail silently past as you sip an early morning cup of chai from your villa roof terrace. And to top it all you are rewarded for staying longer. Matemwe retreat offers their guest free nights as a token of gratitude for stays over four nights.   Matemwe Retreat is the ideal luxury hideaway for visitors looking to combine luxury exclusivity with fascinating ancient culture.


No 9: Kite Surfer’s Paradise: Che Shale on Kenya’s North Coast

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Che Shale is your ultimate kite surfing paradise offering a swell combination of flat lagoon rides and adrenaline pumping waves. This is the best kite surfing location on the Kenyan north coast. For those who yearn for great waves on the East African coast there is nothing that comes close to Che Shale’s chilled atmosphere and infinite deserted beach.

The 5 km stretched white sand beach lying 20 km north of Malindi receives over 300 days of wave riding wind each year.  Che Shale is the only accommodation found on this exclusive stretch of pristine beach.  Offering a unique combination of stylish accommodation, world – class kiting, delicious mouth watering fresh seafood cuisine, Che Shale, lives up to its stylish chillhouse reputation.

If you would like a break from the waves then the numerous hammocks invite you to swing with the wind. Dhow snorkeling trips can also be organized from the lodge.  The Marine Parks surrounding Malindi offer some of the best snorkeling in East Africa. Enjoy the thrill of awesome kite surfing after the adventure of you Mara safari.  Che Shale is the ultimate beach holiday destination for those seeking adventure in East Africa.

Our Top 10 Beach Destinations and Lodges in East and Southern Africa

No 10:  A Beach With A Conscience: Manda Wilderness and Nkwichi Lodge in Mozambique.

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This month we explore East and Southern Africa for the top 10 beach destinations. When people imagine beach in Africa they immediately conjure pictures of Zanzibar or the Quirimbas.  We like to be a little different and introduce you to some of the remotest corners of Africa where you will find the real Africa. We have found a hidden retreat on the shores of Lake Niassa that gives you the rare chance to escape into an oasis of squeaky white sands and crystal blue waters teaming with tropical fish.

The Manda Wilderness Community Reserve, a 120, 000 hectare protected wildlife sanctuary and Nkwichi Lodge, a hand crafted sustainable lodge, work closely with the communities in northern Mozambique to ensure that they benefit from the increasing growth of tourism in the area.

Manda Wilderness Reserve is a breathtaking refreshing change for those looking for the ultimate adventure and personal experience. Malcolm Turner and his fantastic team believe that the future of tourism is sustainability achieved through community empowerment.  Their goal is to provide rare travel experiences for a sustainable future, where community development and conservation fuse, bound deep within the consciousness of the handcrafted lodge.

Nkwichi lodge finds the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. The Lodge is a perfect balance of simplicity and luxury: “It is like nowhere else…. so remote and beguiling that re-entering the rest of the planet when you leave comes as quite a shock.”  This is a place of peace and tranquility where guests find themselves inspired by the people who make their stay and unforgettable timeless memory

It embodies the soul of nature giving each guest the rare experience of stepping into a undiscovered remote oasis.  Guests are encouraged to explore the wilderness area. Walking, canoeing, sailing and snorkeling are the main activities organized from the lodge. Manda Wilderness challenges people to travel conscientiously for a sustainable future. This is the ultimate choice for relaxation and an unforgettable beach experience.

No. 1: Safari To Serengeti National Park: The Great Migration Crossings

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Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania covers 14, 763 sq km and borders the Nogorongoro Conservation Area in northern Tanzania and the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya.  It is famous for the annual migration of Wildebeest and Zebra. Known as “Siringitu” by the Maasai, the Serengeti’s “endless plains” make this magnificent ecosystem unique in more than one way.  The Serengeti ecosystem sustains the highest diverse concentration of wildlife in Africa. There’s no other park in Africa where you can spot a Leopard sunning itself in the kopjes whilst you wait for the migration to cross the Mara River.

The park has the largest population of Lions, over 3000, in Africa and over 500 different species of birds.  The migration is the spectacle for many people visiting Tanzania.  The Serengeti ecosystem with its endless plains, Acacia woodlands, rocky Kopjes and meandering rivers is a sanctuary for concentrated populations of animals including Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Gazelle, Elephant, Buffalo and Giraffe. The breathtaking landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful and dramatic.

The migration moves from the southern plains of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area through the central or western Serenegti to the Mara River in Northern Serengeti. Spectacular crossings can be seen on the Grumeti River in the western corridor or on the Mara River in northern Serengeti. These crossings occur annually at roughly the same time of year. The movement of animals is determined by the intensity of rainfall and the availability of fresh green pastures to sustain the herds.  Crossings occur on the Mara River in northern Serengeti anytime from the end June to early November.

Luxury tented camps are available in abundance throughout the Serengeti.  We recommend Alex Walker’s Serian Camps in Northern Serengeti and Kenya for the luxury “Out of Africa” tented safari experiences. This is you home away from home in the Serengeti.   Singita’s Fari Faru lodge, located in the Grumeti Private Reserve, an exclusive reserve bordering the Serengeti National Park, offers incredible accommodation and game viewing opportunities away from the crowds.

There is never a better time to book your Safari to see the migration crossings in Tanzania or Kenya.  October and early November are fabulous times of year to visit the northern Serengeti. The landscapes are dramatic and the crossings spectacular.  Enjoy your safari in the luxury of tented splendor and relish the sensational sightings of the migration crossing the Mara River.